Hounds vs. Klippers Game Blog


The Notre Dame Hounds  (6-9-1-1) defeated the Kindersley Klippers (12-6-1-1) 2-0 at the West Central Events Centre.

1st period:

Tyrell King seemed to be fighting the puck in the opening frame and it would lead to the Hounds 1-0 lead. Bobbling a shot that came from the top of the circle, King left a rebound for Hounds forward Cory Anderson who made no mistake, snapping home his fifth of the season.

The Klippers are without forward and second-leading scorer Cody Thiel, who fractured his jaw Friday night in Wilcox against these same Hounds.

After 20 minutes of play, the shots sit even at 12 a piece.

2nd period:

A lifeless Kindersley Klippers power play continues to take its toll on the team. The Klippers have squandered three man-advantage opportunities through two periods and failed to generate any real scoring chances on the power play.

Coming off another failed power-play opportunity, Sean Naish took a slashing penalty. Taking advantage of any opportunity they’ve been given thus far, the Hounds would pounce as Dillion Schwartzenberger buried a rebound on a scramble play at the top of the crease to give Notre Dame a 2-0 lead.

After 40 minutes the Hounds lead on the shot clock 22-20.

3rd period:

The Notre Dame Hounds hung on in the third period to defeat the Kindersley Klippers 2-0.

Notre Dame Hounds lineup:

#30 Brett Soles
#1 Alexi Thibaudeau

#24 Austin Lightfoot – #25 Matt Sefton
#2 Brandon Kuse – #6 Will Lightfoot
#5 Spencer Trapp – #8 Nathan Walsh
#21 Kyle Salmon

#12 Ian Williams – #3 Sam Aulie – #16 Dillon Schwartzenberger
#11 Andrew Cummings – #19 Kale Derkson – #17 Ram Brar
#10 Ryan Donovan – #22 Cory Anderson – #9 Dylan McIntosh
#14 Kevin Madden – #7 Devin McGonigal

Klippers logoKindersley Klippers lineup:

#36 – Tyrell King
#29 – Evan Weninger

#8 Austin Yano (A) – #3 Conner Veroba
#5 Shaw Watkins – #22 Branden Schiedl
#4 Jared Pilet (A) – #6 JR Wojciechowski

#27 Eli Jarvis – #11 Giovanni Bombini (C) – #26 Dylan Tuskey
#15 Colby Daniels – #14 Stefen Seel –  #17 Brandon Lauder
#18 Tristan Sieben –  #19 Marc Dubeau – #24 Eric Pouliot
#23 Graham Lanigan – #10 Devin Case – #21 Sean Naish

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