Status update


My pre-game view from the booth at the West Central Events Centre in Kindersley back on Oct.26.

Surely many of you have noticed the significant lack of activity here since late October despite a number of transactions that have occurred across the league.

I’d like to apologize for the absence and take a brief moment to give some context to my circumstance.

As I’m sure many of you involved in the game of hockey or in the news industry know, the life of a sports reporter can be a pretty busy one.

Some of you may be thinking, “Jeez, how tough can it be going to the rink?” Here is the reality of it: sports reporters in rural areas are typically responsible for covering a large radius and geographic region. That is no exception for myself.

Though I am based out of Kindersley and cover the Klippers on behalf of The Clarion, I am employed by a publishing company (Jamac Publishing Ltd) that owns seven newspapers across West Central Saskatchewan. This means I get to cover sports in Eatonia, Elrose, Kerrobert, Luseland and basically anywhere in between. There are even times when I cross over into Alberta as our coverage stretches to the Oyen area.

A few of my responsibilities include covering the PJHL’s junior-B squad in Kerrobert (West Central Rage) as well as the SWHL’s senior Kindersley Red Lions, Kerrobert Tigers and Eatonia Huskies. On a broader scale, I also do some baseline coverage of the SVHL’s senior Eston Ramblers.

Beyond that, I also work on regular coverage of the West Central Wheat Kings (peewee, bantam and midget girls squads).

And that’s just my hockey portfolio.

Mix in some high school sports (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.) along with a variety of other responsibilities and it makes for a pretty busy schedule. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day or week for me to get to all of those things as it is.

That being said, I am by no means complaining. I love my job. It requires a lot of hours, but it is all worth it to be able to go to the rink on a regular basis, watch quality hockey and talk with quality people within the game, whether that be at the junior-A, junior-B, senior or minor level.

This blog is something I’ve chosen to do outside of my line of work. It isn’t something I do as a part of my work, and to be honest, my employer is probably concerned with me scooping myself when it comes to what I do here, even if it is minimal in length, detail and doesn’t always include voices connected to the story.

I enjoy junior-A hockey and any chance to do any additional work is a privilege I enjoy. I take pride in my work and don’t like to leave any project incomplete. Consider this short little entry as a way for me to let you know I haven’t forgotten my work here, merely been a bit overwhelmed at my regular day job and the reality of the situation is simple – the day job takes priority.

All I ask is that you please be patient with me during lulls in activity here. Barring any sort of unforeseen changes, I’ll be continuing this project through the 2013-14 SJHL season.

Thanks for stopping by and continuing to do so. Hopefully I’m providing useful information for all you junior-A junkies spread across our beautiful province.


As a side note: Like many around the world of hockey, I am participating in Movember. This is my fifth year raising awareness and funds for prostate, testicular cancers and men’s health. Any support is greatly appreciated. My team, featuring journalists and prostate cancer survivors across Western Canada, has already surpassed its goal of $1,500 as we have crested the $2,000 mark. That being said, my personal fundraising goal is $1,000. I’m well on my way. I’ve promised friends and family back home and here in Kindersley that I will keep my moustache for a total of six months if I hit the $1,000 mark. If you’ve seen me around the rink, you know the moustache isn’t a regular…accessory of mine hahaha. If you’ve got a few extra bucks kicking around and feel like supporting a worthwhile cause, please take a moment to check out my fundraising profile and send your support. Even if it’s just a short message, all the support is appreciated. I know I certainly appreciate it as do the countless men who battle these diseases each and every year.

Sports aren't all I do. Killing it in the kitchen - Movember 10, 2013.

Sports aren’t all I do. Killing it in the kitchen – Movember 10, 2013.

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